Case Study

Broadway Shopping Centre


Our Brief:
This is a busy shopping centre with in excess of 60 stores. Their previous lighting update being more than 8 years ago was carried out using a variety of fittings. The light output of these fittings decreased over this period, to a level which the centres management were not satisfied with, added to which their energy and maintenance costs were substantially increasing.

Due to the centres continuing drive to reduce their waste and carbon emissions, retro fitting LED lighting to the shopping malls would help them achieve their goals and reduce their costs substantially

Our Solution:
Due to the many varieties of their existing light fittings, it was decided to reduce the number of new LED fittings, thus giving the shopping malls a uniform and increased level of lighting. We were commissioned to install a complete LED lighting retro fit throughout the shopping malls. In addition, to install 24 newly designed suspended LED pendant fittings to their centre atrium coffee shop.
The new LED light fittings were all UK manufactured.

In total, we installed in excess of 430 new LED fittings, which have greatly reduced the centres energy / maintenance costs and exceeded the centres goals for their reduction in carbon emissions.

Annual Energy Saving £42,585 (72%)
Annual CO² Emission Saving 70 tonnes
Annual Maintenance reduced by 74%

Central Square before installation
Norwich Place Shopping Mall before installation
Central Square post installation
Norwich Place Shopping Mall post installation