Case Study


Telscombe Primary School

Our Brief:
The Corridors in this Primary School were poorly lit by 2D Bulkhead lights (38 watt CFL’s). Failures were occurring more frequently due to age. The client’s priority was to increase the light levels subsequently, together with reductions in energy, CO² emissions. In addition, high energy consumption perimeter downlights were failing which needed to be replaced

Our Solution:
The client requested that the replacement LED 2D Bulkhead had to be almost identical to the existing fittings. We sourced a UK manufactured LED fittings which matched their request perfectly. At 18watts, we could reduce energy consumption by more than 50%, however increasing light levels were the client’s primary objective, which we achieved to the clients greater satisfaction.

Lighting Levels Improved beyond client’s expectations
Annual Energy Saving £4,011
Annual CO² Emission Saving 6 tonnes
Annual Maintenance reduced by 81%