Sigma provides LED installation services throughout the United Kingdom

Comprehensive LED Lighting Services

Sigma provides LED lighting services for industrial, commercial and office-based clients to include schools and Public spaces such as shopping centres. Preliminary site surveys are undertaken which include condition surveys and access assessments. extensive written feedback is provided which will include a bespoke pay back assessment. Lighting designs are undertaken which will identify a number of options based upon your requirements which will incorporate electrical designs.

Sample LED products will be supplied/installed enabling an assessment within the chosen areas, ensuring the most suitable product is identified for your installation. Our products are then sourced directly from our UK manufacturing partners ensuring sustainable CRC commitments met and maintained.

LED Installations are carried out by our directly employed team of fully skilled and qualified technicians and a site supervisor will be present throughout the duration of every project. Continued site support post-installation is offered.

Are LED Installation Projects Difficult?

No. LED lighting products come in one of two varieties: 'retro-compatible' or 'complete unit'. Retro-compatible products are LED versions of traditional lighting products. They'll fit exactly where your old bulbs and lamps were. For example LED tubes, LED GU10 bulbs, and LED GLS bulbs are all 'retro-fit'. Some LED units completely replace the outdated traditional fittings. LED high bays for example, don't have a traditional 'bulb' but instead have a powerful light emitting 'chip' built into the product. When the chip wears out, you replace the entire fitting!

Who Are Our LED Installers?

Sigma installations are carried out by our own in-house team of specialist installers, who are fully NICEIC accredited, and will wear full Personal Protective Equipment at all times.

High Access LED Installation

Sigma provides a comprehensive range of access equipment to ensure that we can carry out LED installations regardless of the work environment. Equipment includes vertical boom lifts, scissor lifts and cherry pickers. All our technical operators are fully trained and have prior experience.

LED Installation When It Suits

Sigma fully understands the importance of minimising any disruption during your LED lighting installation. Factories cannot afford to stop production, offices cannot shut for the day, and traffic must remain free to move! Sigma will design a solution that meets every expectation ensuring the correct solution and most cost effective approach are delivered across all projects.